Those I need to pray for

those i need to pray for

I am so thankful for God reaching into my heart and soul to save me from being separated from Him. I am thankful that He reached down with unconditional love and grace.

You have kept your promise, Lord,
    and you are good to me, your servant. – Psalm 119:65  GNT

God has always been good to me even though many times in my life I thought He wasn’t, hindsight has a way of revealing the truth. While I personally enjoy my quiet time with Him and my time learning from His Word, I know that I am part of a community of people – some who know God and others who do not. I pray that God will bring those I need to pray for to my mind.

As I start my time with God each morning I pray that my engagement with Him will be something I can share with others I meet during the day and speak over those He brings to my mind.

 And the Lord says to those foreigners who become part of his people, who love him and serve him, who observe the Sabbath and faithfully keep his covenant: “I will bring you to Zion, my sacred hill,[a] give you joy in my house of prayer, and accept the sacrifices you offer on my altar. My Temple will be called a house of prayer for the people of all nations.” – Isaiah 56:6-7  GNT

Prayer has always been the foundation of God’s ministry to me and to the people in my world. His invitation is for all to come and pray. I should be known as a person of prayer and my community of believers should be known as people who pray. The Church should be a place that is symbolic of God’s presence and the place that should be characterized by prayer. That means I am a person of prayer who prays to Jesus on a regualar basis.

God in fact wants me to pray because He enjoys communicating with me. So He enjoys it when I come with my needs, as great as they are, because He wants to answer my prayer. There are many things that I need to discuss with Him. While I need His care, leadership, provision and protection, so do others. We need our daily bread, we need healing, we need forgiveness and we need those in authority to sense their need for God to lead.

“There are three basic kinds of prayer to God. There is “upward” prayer—praise and thanksgiving that focuses on God himself. There is “inward” prayer—self-examination and confession that bring a deeper sense of sin and, in return, a higher experience of grace and assurance of love. There is “outward” prayer—supplication and intercession that focuses on our needs and the needs of others in the world.” – Timothy Keller




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