A view through the lens of prayer and I see protection

misty canyon with sharp cliff and lonely tree iin Delika

I wrote a post on 66 Books that you might enjoy today.

“Prayer is a ‘global experience,’ an effort to establish a relationship between limited, weak human beings with something more powerful. Psychologists and authors of the most extensive scientific psychological study of religion to date say that ‘prayer is…critical to the way most peple conduct their lives.’ The most significant contemporary survey of prayer, by scholars who have taught at Harvard, Smith College and Tufts University, also concudes that ‘wherever one finds humans, one finds humans at prayer’ and that even if prayer is outlawed, ‘it goes underground where it continues to wend its course into the depths of the soul.’ A classic older study draws the same conclusion, noting prayer’s ‘astonishing mulitplicity of forms’ throughout the world.

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