May God reveal

“The prayer for Yahweh to ‘shine forth’ is a prayer for a theophany, when the Lord appears in his royal splendor to bring justice into a world of anarchy.” – VanGemeren

There is a prayer uttered by the Psalmist that declares God to be the one who punishes. The prayer actually wants God to fulfill His duty in doing so to those who are proud.

Lord, you are a God who punishes;
    reveal your anger!
You are the judge of us all;
    rise and give the proud what they deserve! – Psalm 94:1-2 GNT

Morgan described how, through the centuries, God’s persecuted people have prayed like this: “In catacombs, in dungeons, in places of the uttermost desolation – when it has seemed to sense that the way of God was blocked, that His rule was overcome, that all evil things had gained the victory – these songs have arisen, proclaiming Him King, mocking all the vain and foolish thoughts of man, and declaring His ultimate victory.”

“Jesus is using a second person plural when he says to his disciples, ‘The kingdom of God is within you [all].’ Most scholars believe Jesus was not saying the kingdom of God was within each individual heart but rather was within them as a community. Some translate it ‘The kingdom of God is among you.’ It is imortant to note that Anthony Bloom (Beginning to Pray) is careful to say that, while he directs peole to go inward in prayer, he does not mean inward psychologically. ‘I dont’ mean that we must go inward in the way one does in psychoanalysis or psychology. It is not a journey into my own inwardness, it is a journey through my own self, in order to emerge from the deepest level of my self into the place where He is, the point at which God and I meet.'” – Timothy Keller

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