I pray because God is faithful

i pray because He is faithful

Even when I go through some of my most troubling times, I pray. I pray because through each of them, God has been faithful. My thoughts sound like this – why pray? what’s the use? God is just going to do what He wants to do anyway.  If I stay there, with my thoughts, my heart will become hard and bitter. But I do not have to stay there. I move past me and go directly to God in prayer. 

I love the Lord, because he hears me;
    he listens to my prayers.
He listens to me
    every time I call to him. – Psalm 116:1-2  GNT

I can trust in His goodness even when I do not know what He is doing. I can be in a place of joy knowing that He has always been good and He always will be.  

The danger of death was all around me;
    the horrors of the grave closed in on me;
    I was filled with fear and anxiety.
Then I called to the Lord,
    “I beg you, Lord, save me!”

The Lord is merciful and good;
    our God is compassionate.
The Lord protects the helpless;
    when I was in danger, he saved me. – Psalm 116:3-6 GNT

God meets me in my troubles. He helped and still helps me. He gives me strength, faith, hope, joy, power to change and an amazing supernatural grace that I need to make it through.

I pray – Marantha.

He who gives his testimony to all this says, “Yes indeed! I am coming soon!”So be it. Come, Lord Jesus! – Revelation 22:20 GNT

Where light (knowledge) leaves the affections behind, it ends
in formality and or atheism; where affections outrun light
they sink into the bog of superstition, doting on images and
pictures or the like. – John Owen