The Priority of Love

I am finding a hunger to practice love within the body of Christ.

Above all, put on love—the perfect bond of unity. – Colossians 3:14 HCSB

Agape love is the foundation for mature followers of Christ coming together in unity.

  • “perfect” means “mature”
  • “bond” means “ligaments”

To hold to fundamental doctrines in an arrogant or unloving manner is to violate this supreme virtue.

I have started to work with a real estate investment and development company who have created an offshoot foundation to spur the body of Christ to engage in practical expressions of love within their communities. It is my prayer that holding visioning sessions within the church would enable them to catch the vision that God has for bringing the body of Christ together in order to serve and to serve well.

I trust that the year 2021 will bring signaficant changes in my life as I place love in a greater and higher priority and I pray that the end result will be a mature bond of unity among my family, friends and churches in my community.

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