The answer before I finish praying


This is something I innately believe in whenever I pray in public. I sense that God already knows what is going on and now He just wants to see faith in the action of prayer.

 Even before they finish praying to me, I will answer their prayers.  – Isaiah 65:24  GNT

I know my desire to pray comes from the Holy Spirit.  It starts with Him, invades my mind, there I know what He wants to do or give and then I speak them out. Even so, He is ready and willing to hear me pray.

I have not met a person who naturally desires to pray. Until I am loved by God, liberated and renewed and transformed by the Holy Spirit, prayer is not something that comes out of my soul. It is in the being filled with the Spirit of God that prayer becomes something natural and comes from the depth of my soul.

Would it not be true to say even then, prayer is a grace that God provides even before I pray? I cannot even long for God on my own. I am ultimately created to talk with my Creator.

“Our prayer pleases God because He has commanded it, made promises, and given form to our prayer. For that reason, He is pleased with our prayer, He requires it and delights in it, because He promises, commands and shapes it. … Then He says, ‘I will hear.’ It is not only guaranteed, but it is actually already obtained.” – Luther

And then there is the listening – do I have the soil of an open heart toward the Word of God and to my relationship with Jesus?

 And Jesus concluded, “Listen, then, if you have ears!” – Matthew 13:9 GNT

Am I willing to allow His Word to break into my closed or hard heart?

“God is transcendently and infinitely bright, blessed, and beautiful. He is self-eistent – depending on nothing for His being. Instead, all htings are dependent on Him. He is an infinite and eternal Spirit, the only perfect One, the God of absolute glory and importance.” – Timothy Keller