Are my prayers of help or am I not really praying

The Psalms come into play again today in the arena of prayer and in particular, Psalm 135.

The Lord will defend his people;
    he will take pity on his servants. – Psalm 135:14  GNT

I think my prayer life is important when it comes to the Lord defending me or even having mercy on me.

They have mouths, but cannot speak,
    and eyes, but cannot see.
They have ears, but cannot hear;
    they are not even able to breathe. – Psalm 135:16-17  GNT

What if I decide not to use my mouth to offer prayer, praise or confession?

They can neither speak in answer to your prayers and inquiries, nor see what you do or what you want, nor hear your petitions, nor smell your incenses and sacrifices, nor use their hands either to take anything from you, or to give anything to you; nor so much as mutter, nor give the least sign of apprehending your condition or concerns. –Matthew Pool.

What if I have no spiritual life, no symbols of an abundant life and I cannot even offer a breath prayer or praise?

May all who made them and who trust in them
    become[b] like the idols they have made! – Psalm 135:18  GNT

Have I then become a person whose mouth is moving but I am not praying? Have my eyes not seen the truth, or have my ears not heard the voice of the Lord or has the life of God no longer reside in me? Have I lost my God and have become spiritually dead? If I chose the form of religion I have utterly abandoned the invitation of the Holy Spirit to live.

“God’s perfections are matchless and without comparison. Those perfections include his eternal and unchanging character; his presence everywhere; his perfect knowledge of all things; his perfect, unsearchable wisdom; his absolute, irresistible power and sovereignty over all that happens; his unspotted moral purity, beauty, and holiness; and his justice— his inexorable judgment that will ultimately put all things right.” – Timothy Keller